Welcome To Screeduct - Bespoke Trunking Systems

Screeduct® specialise in bespoke heavy duty trunking. Manufactured to the highest specification our trunking systems are created to nut and bolt together saving on installation time and cost. Our systems offer versatility as trunking lids are produced to be interchangeable. We’ve worked with an array of contractors, architects and chief engineers to produce the exact trunking for their projects.


  • Bespoke product made to clients exact specification
  • Heavy Duty system
  • Interchangeable lids
  • Nut and bolt together saving on installation time
  • Up to 12mm steel covers for heavy duty use
  • Installed within screed or retrospectively in apertures 
  • Side flanges mean no mechanical fixing required


  • Hospitals – MRI scanners
  • Colleges/Universities – All services
  • Football grounds – Advertising boards
  • Car Factories – Production Lines
  • Conference Centres – AV Systems
  • Supermarkets – Checkouts
  • Railway – Barriers

Heavy Duty Trunking Materials

Our heavy duty trunking is most commonly made from galvanised or mild steel due to the inherently strong nature of this material. But they can also be manufactured from stainless steel. The trunking lids themselves can be produced from a range of materials including checker plate for industrial applications where a slip risk is present.

How our trunking can be fitted

Possibly the most important factor in specifying trunking is the ease of installation. As apposed to systems which need to be cut on site our alternative is delivered in sections which simply nut and bolt together. Giving, not only a bespoke perfectly fitting trunking run, but also save on installation time.

Recent Projects

Our products have been specified by an array of contractors, architects and chief engineers on some prestigious projects across the UK. Hospitals, Colleges, Railway Stations and even an RAF Museum have seen the benefits of our bespoke systems.

Screeduct Product’s used on premise of: