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Trunking Applications

Steel Trunking Is ideal for public areas where there is a high footfall due to its mechanical strength making it a robust and durable solution. Our underfloor trunking is available with a wide range of removable flush-fitting modular covers to provide service access.

Our Steel trunking systems incorporate clean lines with functionality. They are suitable for a wide range of underfloor trunking applications including:

Checker Plate Ducting

Electrical Cable Trunking

Cable management is an essential consideration with any new build or renovation project. When electrical cables need to be run underground then our trunking solutions are ideal. They can provide cable trunking within screed and protect electrical wires and cables from getting damaged either within the building process or for years to come offering optimal cable management. Our HD and SFD systems feature patented side flanges to secure trays when the screed is floated into position.

Pipe Trunking

As well as electrical trunking our systems are also ideal for pipe trunking. Pipes require significant protection as damage to piping can cause drastic damage, when the contents spills out into the surrounding building or flooring. The repercussions of such an event can cost money and time. Our metal pipe trunking can be fitted within screed during the build and limit the likelihood of such events. Service ducting will be provided so that removable flush-fitting modular covers give you access to pipework should maintenance need to be carried out.

Service Ducting

If access is required then service ducting will be required. Removable flush-fitting covers provide Service access in our ducting. These can be manufactured from a range of materials including galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and WBP plywood.

Our trunking and ducting can be used in a wide range of applications if you require assistance please contact us on +44 (0) 1789 459211 or email us.

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