Trunking Technical Overview

The heavy duty trunking systems are unlike other solutions in the market place, which are limited to manufacturers’ specifications. At Screeduct we have a much more flexible approach. Our bespoke trunking services will tailor systems to meet your specific requirements.

Bespoke Plans

In order to create a system, which fits the needs of the project, we can create bespoke technical plans for your project. We will discuss with you the best way to achieve the goals of your project in terms of outlets and square footage. Screeduct has over 40 years experience in creating trunking and 20 years specialising in bespoke systems, and understand the best ways to configure a system so that it not only works for the current use of the building but is also prepared for future changes or expansion.

Trunking Covers

Service access is in the trunking is provided by removable flush-fitting modular covers (manufactured from galvanised steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium). A range of accessory components allows the jointing and cornering of runs of duct to the required configuration. Clips and dividers permit the internal partitioning of the floor trunking sections to site requirements.


If you have specific loading requirements for your trunking then we can discuss this with you. We will be able to look at the payload required in tonnes and work out the best-suited material. Our expertise in this field means that we will be able to give you good advice and ensure that your trunking can withstand whatever the future may hold.

Flange Fittings

Our trunking systems are unique, as they include patented flange fittings which negate the need for mechanical fixings with screed. This feature ensures that strength is maintained whilst movement is eliminated.

Trunking compliance:

  • Our Mild steel trunking complies with BS EN 10 142.199.
  • We have previously fitted gaskets to trunking to minimise dust and water ingress*.

More information on trunking installation can be found here.


*We do not guarantee eliminating ingress into our trunking

trunking cross section with checker plate lids
Heavy duty Trunking with flat lid
Service Ducting
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